My journey into the IT domain started when I got my first laptop. A dell latitude D610 rockin' Ubuntu 8.04, a completely new operating system for me. So with limited knowledge, and alot of free time as a 13 year old, I started exploring this new playground. Exploring and learning this OS I noticed Ubuntu was highly customizable and so fun to play around in. I went through the system, executing commands not knowing if they would break stuff just to know what they did. I have never been scared to break stuff while learning how it works. To be honest I think that is the reason I wanted to become a developer. Questioning how stuff, mostly websites, are built and thinking of ways to make them better.

Now here we are years later, Still rockin' a dell running Ubuntu but a bit of an upgraded version. Work wise I'm loving the stuff I do as a Back-end developer at Craftzing. And in my free time I try keeping my development skills high. While also learning more about cybersecurity by doing Hack the box capture the flags. So that's my story, be sure to contact me if you wanne learn more about me!


  • ---- (2018 - now) Full-stack developer at Marbles.
  • ---- (May - Aug 2018) Intern back-end developer at MyFenix.
  • ---- (Feb - May 2018) Intern back-end developer at November Five.
  • ---- (2018) After hours developer at Largus group.
  • ---- (summer 2016) Summer job as Wordpress developer at The 0nline Nut Company.



As you see this is the site you are currently on. I've been working on this redesign for a couple of months. It had to show who I am. Now this site shows who I am and what I do on a daily basis...


Project for my last year of college. This project was meant to encourage students of my school to run for a competition. The students got a new challenge every week. Every week they competed to get the highest score on the scoreboard. Gameification to promote running...

more to come...

My github has all the projects I'm currently working on and all projects I've worked on. check It out if you want to know what kind of skills I have...


Let’s make something together! We can have a chat over some drinks or lunch. That’s way more fun than a boring meeting!

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